Every Brand Has a Story

They say Beauty is an Expression, so we let you wear the Hottest Expressions.


They say Beauty is an Expression, so we let you wear the Hottest Expressions.

Have you ever wondered how models, actresses, and even your favorite influencers look classier and have eye-catchy expressions? Beauty is the hidden secret that no one wants to share. It boosts confidence, spreads positive energy, and brings attraction that every woman wants.

That’s why beauty brands are increasing day by day to fulfill the urge of every woman to get beautiful. But the flawless skins are still hard to experience even with so many brands claiming to bring back the beauty that everyone admires.

Beauty Skin Care is a difficult topic to conquer. But,When it is organic skin care production, it surely is good.

We are Made of Love- Our Story


The story of revealing the beauty secrets that turn out to be the most satisfying yet effective experience for the woman around the world in the form of Melao starts from the lovely romantic evening.

In the popular bar of New York, Husband accidentally meets beauty with a flawless smile that lets him escape all the worries in his mind. Her moves gently attract husband and set the burning fire in his heart. While not knowing her name, Jack gives the beauty and ongoing song name “ Melao,” he can’t resist but only to develop his own lyrics with the song.

He speaks out,

Oh “Melao,” Oh “Melao,” Oh “Melao” With No Flaw

Will You Make Me The Prison of Your Life?

Will you Be My Wife?

Oh “ Melao” Oh “Melao” Oh “Melao” With No Flaw

You always drive on my mind,

Your touch brings the pleasure of the old wine,

Oh “Melao” Oh Melao” Oh “Melao” With No Flaw

Let me become the prince of your paradise?

Would you mind transferring me the rights?

Husband  speaks his heart out. He can’t do anything but praise the beauty. The girl didn’t disappoint but accepted her proposal, and still, Husband calls her “Melao” this is how the love story forms of a flawless girl that shares the secret in the packaging of “Melao.”


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